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    NPM 12.0 Question from the Release Notes


      NPM 12.0 Release Notes - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support




      Can anyone from SolarWinds outline what exactly changed with the time periods available in custom web reports?


      Maybe I am just missing it, but I cannot see a difference at present:


      old.png           new.png



      The left is NPM 11.5.3, the right is NPM 12. It's hard to confirm on these screenshots but if you scroll through the options they are identical. Additionally, if you select the "Custom" option, both of the environments are the same there as well. I don't have a screenshot from the NPM 11.5.3, but this is NPM 12 with the same (unchanged) options.




      I'm just wondering what I am missing. When I see "More Custom Time Periods" I immediately think "Business Hours" since that is the #1 request we get.


      cobrien patrick.hubbard (or anyone else?)



      Thanks! Happy Friday all!!!






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