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    NTA 4.2.0 Down after upgrading NPM to 12.0


      Hi there,


      our Installation was on NPM 11.5.3 and NTA 4.1.1


      We upgraded NPM first like it is advised. Then NCM, NTA and UDT to newest Versions.

      Our Server


      Now everything is running fine, but NTA is down. In the NTA Settings it says that the collector cannot be contacted (installed on the same Server)

      and the NTA Tab shows no data.


      Reinstalling NTA didnt solve the Problem. Has anyone else same issues with the update?


      Thank you, best regards!

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          Did you update the FSDB server for NTA too?  Have you opened a ticket with our Support team yet?

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            I am having the same issue. However, I installed NPM 12 on a new standalone SQL DB, then installed NTA and NCM. The only thing that will not stay running is the Solarwinds Netflow Service. Ran all weekend and the problem did not go away. Have submitted a ticket also.

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              We too are having the same problem w/NTA no longer .showing flows after we upgraded the following:


              NPM (from 11.5.3 to 12)

              NTA (from  4.1.2 to 4.2)

              NCM (from 7.4.1 to 7.5)


              Like the others in this thread, the Netflow Collector shows as Down. Running the Config Wizard completes w/o errors but the flows stop almost immediately after the Config Wizard runs (or the server rebooted).  By the way, I already uninstalled and re-installed NPM v12 and that did not help either.


              So, I opened a ticket and the SW technician completely uninstalled NTA and even removed all folders.  We then rebooted the server (again)  before re-installing NTA v4.2. 


              I thought we were the only ones having this issue but now I see other SW customers are being affected as well.  This is not good, as it tells me that there may be a serious bug in the latest NPM and/or NTA versions.  Fortunately for us, we could afford to purchase small licenses for all the SW apps and modules we own -- so, we could have our own SW lab environment.  Given the hundreds of routers and offices that we support, we could not risk deploying these in production w/o some real live testing.


              Anyway, I am sending another diagnostic file to SW so they can check it out.


              PS:  I know that I could just install demo versions but those are limited by expiration deadlines.  

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                after my NPM12/NTA4.2 upgrade my NTA NoSQL box is having service issues periodically (2-3 days). I can either rerun NTA configurator or reboot the NoSQL node.


                Looking through my logs to see if there is a server issue before I open a ticket.

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                    I'm in the boat here. Netflow service on the NTA DB server seems to just stop working.  I am usually able to kill it via task manager, then start the service via windows Server Management. 

                    If I try to restart the service directly from Windows Server Manager, it generally hangs when try to to stop the service, then displays an error message. Task Manger seems to be the only way to stop the service once it is in a problematic state.

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                    I've noticed that with NPM 12, if we reboot the primary poller, we also need to reboot out NTA server, otherwise the Netflow service shows as down on the primary and we don't get any Netflow collections in the NTA tab.

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                      I have a new Test server setup with NPM 12 , NTA 4.2 , SAM 6.2.4 and WPM 2.2.1 using a trial licence and i cant get the NTA to work.


                      The service is up in Orion Service Manager and in Computer manasgement,  the NTA database is working fine but the status of the netflow Colector Service show down in :


                      Orion/TrafficAnalysis/Admin/NetflowSettings.aspx .


                      Anyone found a solution for this?