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    How do I reuse existing Alert Actions?


      We upgraded from NPM 10.7 to 11.5.3...great.

      Now I have to manage the alerting from the web GUI.


      Our alert actions are complex. They, generally, either call a program or Perl scripts with 6 carefully formatted CL variables or send complex emails. I use to export and then import the alert actions.
      Is this functionality really gone?

      How do I do this now?

      We are adding functionality to automate the ticket creation in HPSM and I am going to have to make an action for each pageing alert. These are basically identical, yet complex. Export/import was easy, this is a PITA.

      Since all alert actions are listed in the Manage Actions view, how about an Assign to an Alert button/function (I know...feature request )?


      This is really a bad thing to sacrifice to the Gods of getting it into the GUI.


      Sign me...


      Unhappy Camper