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    When trying to build a HTML page in an alert, the SWISEntity (derived from the insert Variable) has empty values


      So.  I generate an alert when a component is over threshold, and generate a HTML page.


      This works fine for all variables inserted, however ${N=SwisEntity;M=ComponentAlertThresholds.ThresholdStatisticWarning} and ${N=SwisEntity;M=ComponentAlertThresholds.ThresholdStatisticCritical}  are empty, and do not exist when I query them in SQWL Studio.


      The alert is generated from a component being in Warning and a different alert for Critical, so 2 different alerts with the same issue, the thresholds exist when I edit the Application Component.


      The actual HTML line is :

      A value of ${N=SwisEntity;M=ComponentAlert.StatisticData} has cleared the previous alert against a threshold of  ${N=SwisEntity;M=ComponentAlertThresholds.ThresholdStatisticCritical}


      What I get is :

      1188 has triggered this alert against a threshold of


      All other Variables are fine? Any ideas?


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