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    DR discussion


      Currently my coworkers and I have been having some DR discussions. We currently have a full fail over site at a Colo location. It isn't a hot site but we will be able to bring up the necessary services needed to run the business. We have been throwing around the idea of possibly doing away with the Colo and moving to a DR solution in the cloud. We have also discussed utilizing a generator we have at a remote site and housing our own offsite DR. Question for all is if anyone has any insight in what they think is the best solution for a DR? Has anyone implemented a cloud DR?


      Background on our equipment:


      Dual provider internet

      Dual Sophos firewalls in HA

      Dual NetScalers in HA (for Citris environment authentication only)

      Nimble controller and shelf



      multi provider internet

      Single Sonicwall firewall

      Nimble controller and shelf