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    Netpath to Amazon AWS - more hosts, and fails.


      I have set up a netpath service from "inside" our network to "outside" at Amazon AWS, to 5 hosts/instances which are the front end of our website.  They're behind an AWS elastic load balancer.


      2 issues I'm having with this:

      1. We have 5 instances running in AWS EC2.  However, netpath is showing 14 "servers" which are red ... see below.
      2. All 14 servers in netpath (we only have 5 instances), show red - hovering or clicking gives a message:  "Host Unreachable - the endpoint has not allowed a direct network connection after repeated attempts."
        1. I have configured the netpath service to connect to the FQDN with 443.
        2. I have allowed the outside NATted IP of the netpath server (Orion) to connect with the ELB and Instance in the security group settings.
        3. Everything is good, except for the destination hosts.