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    Fresh Installation of NPM without Problems?


      Hi there,


      first some details about my installation:

      • Network Performance Monitor v11.5.2
      • Network Configuration Management v7.4
      • Netflow Traffic Analyzer v4.1.1
      • User Device Tracker v3.2.2
      • Quality of Experience v2.0
      • Orion Platform v2015.1.2

      Its all on the same server, but its a powerful VM.

      • System: Windows Server 2008R2


      Now my question: We are planning to update our SolarWinds Products to the newest version normally.

      But when the NPM v12 releases there will be a complete new installation because we will move to a new Windows Server 2012R2 VM.


      Is it possible to install SolarWinds completely new on a new Server without losing the web-setting, Jobs, reports, etc...?
      If not, what would be lost?

      Edit: Our database will stay the same of course.


      Thank you for your answers

      Best regards!