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    Troubleshooting with SolarWinds – The Case of the Elusive Root Cause

    Wendy Abbott

      It seemed like the perfect crime. The application was dead, and there were no suspects or witnesses. Or were there? The fact is that the killer had left clues all over the data center, from cryptic log file messages to packet traces. It just takes the right set of detectives. Join Head Geek Leon Adato, Super Engineer Kate Asaff, and special guest THWACK MVP Joshua Biggley as they turn back the clock to show how this murder unfolded, and shine the bright light of Monitoring Justice on the ever-elusive mysterious Root Cause!


      Finding the root cause of application failure is a lot like being a detective, when an IT crime occurs how do you go about finding the root cause? Do you ever find yourself falling into the vicious cycle of only solving for the surface issues without actually solving for the underlying cause?




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