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    State of SolarWinds - UI Innovation

    Wendy Abbott

      The Orion Platform has received its most significant overhaul in history. This marks a new era in the way SolarWinds partners help their customers drive features and design. Kellie Mecham, SolarWinds Principle UX Researcher, and Chris O'Brien, NPM Product Manager, dig into the spirit and details of the new Orion interface. You'll learn about specific issues we discovered during UX research, the new design and development feedback cycle, and see the result of that process - the new Orion UI - in action. Watch and learn how you can get involved in the next big thing.


      What do you think of the new Orion Platform UI? Would you be interested in participating in the next round of UX feedback sessions?



      Network Monitoring Software | SolarWinds NPM 12

      Orion UI Refresh:  How feedback from users shaped the changes


      Attend this session for a chance to win a FREE license of NPM!

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