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    State of IT 2016 Panel Discussion

    Wendy Abbott

      SolarWinds customers have encountered noticeable career changes just since THWACKcamp last year.  While most haven’t migrated to cloud, containers and SDN, the majority are now dealing with at least some of these among a number of other new challenges. @Geek_Whisperers host and NetApp/SolidFire/Cisco evangelist Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja) moderates a discussion among hands-on experts on the state of IT for 2016, including The Current Status’s Theresa Miller (@24x7ITConnect) and Phoummala Schmitt (@ExchangeGoddess), and SolarWinds guru Destiny Bertucci (@Dez_Sayz).


      IT is changing faster than ever before, with increasing adoption of SaaS, cloud, containers, and other new technologies.  How do admins stay ahead of the challenges to keep the lights blinking and their careers moving forward?




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