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    Add fixed banner across top of Orion modules?


      Hello everyone, I am brand new to Orion and have been looking for a way to add a fixed/static banner across 100% of the top of all Orion pages and modules of what my organization has stood up prior to my presence here.


      I have a little bit of a web development background from around 15 years ago, so the first thing I thought to do was make a fresh HTML page using frames (I know, frames are outdated, but would fulfill the requirement). I quickly found out that Orion is not frames-friendly and will not load within the frameset tag within the main HTML file I created.


      My next thought is perhaps there is a way to add CSS or HTML directly to the top of the black menu bar for the banner I want to use, and code the bar properties so it floats over everything else on the page as your scroll down, but I'm not sure if this is possible and my organization doesn't have anyone here with experience on whether or not it's even possible to modify the coding to the top menu bar. With that said, I'm not even sure where to start to access these files, to see if this is even possible.


      Is anyone able to confirm how something like this can be done, and is willing to walk me through what file(s) needs to be modified for this, and how to locate the file? Thanks in advance!


      P.S. Adding a "site logo" via the Web Console Settings section does not achieve what I'm looking for, as this does not allow the banner to stretch across 100% of the top of the page.

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          Craig Norborg

          Well, it can't stretch across 100% of the page as the logo is a graphic in the foreground rather than a background image, so it will bump into the "Username (LOGOUT)" in the top right corner (and "Settings" if you have access).   But the logo can be quite long and stretch across most of it.


          Typically you can go edit the HTML directly, but upgrades and even running the Config Wizard can greatly mess up your work, if not eliminate it altogether.  Not a recommended option.  I'd stick to the things you can easily customize, or you're going to be forever modifying HTML code or CSS sheets to try and adapt.