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    Email Alert Different People Depending On Node


      This is using Solarwinds Orion, I think.


      We have approximately 70 stations.


      We have several engineers and specialist who cover the stations.


      We would like to set up a system where an alert would fire and send an email to our default email, an email to the station's engineer, and an email to the station's specialist.


      Every node in our system is assigned a 3 character "Site" that correspond with the station.


      Now, I have been playing around alerts, but the best thing I could come up with would be to assign the emails to EVERY node as a custom property "EmailAlert". The problem with this is that implementing this takes a lot of time and has a lot of upkeep. We also plan on adding up to 20 more stations. This would have been the answer if we had a smaller system.


      What I am looking for, is the easiest way to set this up.


      Would it be possible to assign the emails to a custom property of a group? Then, use that property in the email field when an alert triggers.


      Would it be possible to set up a series of if else if (or switch) statements in sql? I know this would be messy, and is probably a last resort.


      Is there a way to connect the "Site" custom property with the "EmailAlert"? So that if you put in a site or change a site the email would correspond with it.