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    Roundtable: Flash, Performance, and the New Role of the Storage Admin

    Wendy Abbott

      The enterprise storage market is going through a transition: a transition to flash. Companies are quickly learning that integrating flash technology into their data center leads to performance and business improvements on an increasing scale.


      Industry experts Stephen Foskett and Calvin Zito join Product Manager James Honey and Head Geek Kong Yang for a roundtable discussion on:


      • How far this trend will go.
      • The future market landscape.
      • Skills that storage owners and administrators need to have.
      • How owners may realize their full potential and move toward a world without storage performance limitations.


      How has flash changed the storage industry and the data center as a whole?

      What do you think the future of storage looks like?

      What skills should Storage owners be developing to prepare for the future?



      Monitor Storage Performance - Capacity Planning | SolarWinds


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