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    LEM Agent on CentOS


      Hello Everyone,


      I have installed LEM agent on Syslog-ng server which is running on Cent-OS 7. Have following questions.


      1. From which location within the syslog-ng server LEM will fetch the logs and send it to LEM server? Do I need to configure anything for LEM agent to pick the logs from syslog-ng and send to LEM server? While installing LEM agent, it prompts to input LEM manager IP but nowhere asks to specify the path from where to pick the logs.


      2. Can LEM agent send normalized logs to two LEM Managers?


      3. Which connector do I need to enable on LEM manager in order to receive the logs from LEM agent installed on Syslog-ng (CentOS 7)?

        • Re: LEM Agent on CentOS

          1) You need to configure the Agent (Manage --> Nodes) with the connectors for the data that server is receiving, and point the connectors at the right file locations on Linux file system.

          2) No.

          3) None, the Agent will do the normalization and send the data automatically.