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    Trouble with High receive percent utilization alert


      I started what I thought we be a simple alert. While I have a couple of hundred interfaces, I am concerned about utilization on about 25 of them. I created the following alert, with errors. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.



      1. The alert notifies on interfaces that I thought I have explicitly denied.

      2. The alert seems to run any time of day.




      Name of alert:

      High Receive Percent Utilization


      Description of alert:


      Type of Property to monitor



      Enabled(On/Off): ON


      Evaluation Frequency of alert:

      Every 15 seconds


      Severity of alert:



      Alert Custom Properties: (0)


      No Alert Custom Properties defined


      Alert owner (user who created this alert):



      Alert Limitation Category

      No Limitation


      Trigger Condition:



      Alert on all objects where:

      All child conditions must be satisfied (AND)

      Interface - Instance of Interface - is - swis://<all of the interfaces I want to monitor>

      All child conditions must be satisfied (AND)

      Interface - Instance of Interface - is not - swis:<all of the interfaces I do NOT want to monitor - added this because I was getting more than the interfaces I selected>

      The actual trigger condition:

      Interface - Received Percent Utilization - is greater than - 85


      Reset Condition:



      Interface - Received Percent Utilization - is less than - 30


      Time of Day schedule:


      Daily - From 7:30 AM To 5:30 PM every business day(Mon-Fri)




      Trigger Action:


      Escalation Level 1


      1. Alert for high WAN utilization


      Reset Action:



      No reset action specified