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    DPA Alert


      Does any one know if DPA is able to send text messages like you can in the SQL server? Currently we have one server to text if failed. We have tried this PhoneNumber@txt.att.net. We get the message that it used the mail on the SQL server but nothing comes through to the phone.


      We tried adding a 1 area or our normal way just the number. That's how its currently set up in SQL with out the  1 area code and works fine but in DPA nothing is sent out.



      Thanks in advance

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          The best way to answer this is to say that we send things out using SMTP and do not support SMS at this point from DPA.

          If your carrier can handle the SMTP traffic and convert to SMS, this may be feasible, but testing locally, I found that I could not get it to work.

          I have t-mobile though and there may be some configuration in my account preventing this.