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    LEM - Customer Experience – One-on-One – Knowledge Transfer


      Good Day All,


      My organization has been using the SolarWinds LEM for roughly two years and there have been several challenges and disappointments which we have experienced. We have worked with the support team very closely over the past nine months to address our questions, concerns, feature requests, and frustrations.


      As for formal training from professional services, we have been down that past a little more than a year ago. We have read the User Guide, Thwack articles, Knowledge Base articles, and various other sources of information. The perception from my team is that we are not interested in hiring professional services at this time.


      For this reason, I am reaching out to the SolarWinds LEM customer community to ask for existing customer to begin a one-on-one direct dialog via phone and conference call. We are looking to speak directly with an existing customer who either loves the product and/or has experienced heartache and frustration.


      Topics such as:

      Crystal Reports Module

      Creating Rules

      Off-line Backup

      Network Activity Trending


      Organization Size: 2,000+ Employees, 400+ servers, any industry


      If you are interested in discussing this further, inbox me.


      Thank you for your time.