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    WHD - Multiple Client Recipients


      Is there a way to add multiple client email recipients to a ticket?


      The idea behind this is to have a list of client recipients who receive ticket update emails, with notes that are hidden from the client not shown in the email update, and the a list of technician recipients, for whom those notes are visible.


      We would also like to be able to select the client recipients from within the help desk itself, and not use a mailing list.

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          In the Recipients Section on the Ticket Form, the CC: field allows additional email recipients to receive a copy of the ticket.  The copy they receive is the same content and format as the client receives.  I have not found a way to hide the client notes - unless they were marked as Not Visible to Client on the ticket.  As you start typing a name in the CC: field, WHD searches the client table for a match (I either use the email address or last name as search keys).  Additional names can be added to the field - separated by semi-colons.  The BCC: field in this section works the same way, except the client doesn't see that a copy was sent to other people.  If a person was CC'ed or BCC'ed on a ticket, WHD allows that person to reply to the email they received and the text of that reply is added as a (visible to client by default) note.

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            Here the company personnel managed networks but they have experience with that I am studying these routines yet.