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    GNS3 1.5.0 RC1 Released With Docker Integration


      GNS3 version 1.5 release candidate 1 has been released.


      The major new features of 1.5 are:


      • Docker containers support
      • 4K monitors support on Windows
      • The import/export of portable projects (.gns3project), this last feature is designed to work with the GNS3 VM.


      Other important changes since 1.5 beta 1 are:


      • Network traffic originating from the host OS is blocked for vmnet interfaces (Windows only) by default. It solves the traffic loop issue on Windows.
      • Set default VMware VM adapter type to e1000.
      • Do not delete adapters when stopping a VMware VM.
      • Fix various issues around volumes with Docker support.
      • Fix missing DLLs when installing on Windows 7 or 8.




      • This release candidate should be pretty stable however please consider using version 1.4.6 from the download page if you are looking for stability.
      • The GNS3 server default port has been moved from 8000 to 3080.
      • Qemu VM type has been dropped when adding a new Qemu template using the Wizard. Please download template from the marketplace to install pre-configured VMs as described in this documentation.
      • Please report bugs/issues found in that release. We cannot possibly test every use case and we depend on reports to improve GNS3 (Thanks!).


      pip3 install gns3-gui==1.5.0rc1 pip3 install gns3-server==1.5.0rc1

      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gns3/unstable sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install gns3-gui