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    Troubles for configuring multiple Cisco-800 routers


      Hello everyone,


      I need to update and configure multiple Cisco 800 modem/routers (thousands of them) so I'm looking for a solution to make it easier and faster by automating the job.

      The idea is using a terminal server coupled with the CatTools software.


      After lots of tests I managed to work it out except for one thing. This is the problem :

      --> When the routers (Cisco 887VA) are starting for the first time they show this message before the prompt :


      % Please answer 'yes' or 'no'.

      Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? [yes/no]:


      The CatTools v3.1.1 software seems unable to recognize this message as a "pre- Command Prompt question" and just reply that error message :

      "Did not receive VTY entry prompt from Ciscorouter after CR "

      and obviously it is not able to send any commands to the routers.


      I have already tried to set up the "Variations > Pre-Login and Post-Login" but that didn't solve the problem.


      In advance, thank you for you help.