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    VMAN CPU Ready Widget


      I questioned the VMAN dev team about the CPU Ready numbers.  The value displayed in VMAN is much lower than the calculated value out of the ESX console.  Their response is that they calculate ready by dividing the total by the number of cpus.  Essentially, they are calculating a per cpu ready and not a server cpu ready.  Therefore, we are unable to alert on the ready number to get an accurate alert.  For example.


      Server 1.  2 cpus.  Total ready is 5%.  VMAN would show 2.5%.  Not an issue.

      Server 2.  16 cpus.  Total ready is 30%.  VMAN would show 1.875.  This one is an issue, but it has a lower value than Server1.


      So, my question is two fold.


      1.  How do most people handle the discrepancy and alert for CPU Ready?

      2.  I would like to create a widget that shows a calculation of the CPU Ready x CPU Cores.  But I cannot figure out how to do this.  Any ideas?  I tried to do something like this to make a Query (vm.cpuReadyPeak.day:* * vm.cpuCount:*), but I cannot figure out how to make this a value that can be added to a Widget.