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    Alert Central E-mail settings


      I am trying to setup Alert central to send e-mail. Going through the wizard no matter what I do I get the error Failed to login: Invalid User name or password. Checking the logs on my POP3 server there was no activity from IP address of my Alert Central server. So I tried setting the IP address of the POP3 server to an invalid address. Same response.  Failed to login: Invalid User name or password. I tested the username and password I am using with telnet to the POP3 server. I have done a capture on the POP3 server and verified that Alert Central is never connecting to the POP3 server. I logged onto the console and was able to ping my POP3 server so it isn't a networking/firewall issue.


      This is the output of the test:

      DEBUG: setDebug: JavaMail version 1.4.5

      DEBUG: getProvider() returning javax.mail.Provider[STORE,pop3,com.sun.mail.pop3.POP3Store,Sun Microsystems, Inc]

      DEBUG POP3: mail.pop3.rsetbeforequit: false

      DEBUG POP3: mail.pop3.disabletop: true

      DEBUG POP3: mail.pop3.forgettopheaders: false

      DEBUG POP3: mail.pop3.cachewriteto: false

      DEBUG POP3: mail.pop3.filecache.enable: false

      DEBUG POP3: mail.pop3.keepmessagecontent: false

      DEBUG POP3: mail.pop3.starttls.enable: false

      DEBUG POP3: mail.pop3.starttls.required: false