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    Single Sign On and Web Helpdesk?



         This is my first post here, hoping for some assistance.  If this has been posted before, I apologize.  We are using SolarWinds Web Helpdesk (I think we are on version 12.4 now), and would like to begin using Single Sign On.  We have an initiative in our office to begin converting our users over from Username / Password authentication to dual factor (with a usb token / fob).  Currently Web Helpdesk is configured for LDAP authentication and I'd like to continue that, however, it looks like I'll need single sign on so that my users can login using their token instead of having to logon to their computer with a token, and then continue to remember their Active Directory password so that they can login to Web Helpdesk.  I've seen some documentation about using SAML and ADFS, but wasn't sure what was required.  Whatever the solution is, I'd be setting it up strictly as this point to allow our users to sign on to Web Helpdesk.  So, I guess what I am asking is, if I do need ADFS, what is the bare minimum that needs to be installed / configured to make this work? 




      Thank you in advance, I appreciate your feedback.