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    Measuring traffic on switch port vs router sub-interface




      We have been measuring the traffic passing through the switch port and the router sub-interface where the customer is connected. Which measurement would be more accurate to identify bandwidth usage? We would like to ensure that the individual client traffic matches up with the up link traffic and is also a measure of how accurate the NPM tool is.

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          The tool that better identifies bandwidth usage is Netflow Traffic Analyzer.  It tells you what source and destination IP's are, what protocol and port it is on, lots of great detail.  For Netflow to work it needs to be on a layer 3 interface, so it would be on the router.


          In terms of strictly NPM, if you are looking to identify bandwidth utilization of a customer you want to look at close to the source/destination as possible.  That would be the switchport.  The router sub-interface would also include any other switchports on the same vlan and other additional broadcast traffic, etc. and would probably not be a good indicator of bandwidth utilization of a customer.