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    WHD - Action Rule Send to Email recipients


      Another Rule issue I have come across is that when I have set up a rule to email recipients to say that a task has been completed, one of the recipients said would it be possible to see who else the email was sent to (like you do on outlook), this is so they don't all forward the message on as they think the other people haven't received it as they are not included on the email.


      Firstly is this even possible (seems an easy thing as can be done in Outlook), if it can be done the next question is how can I sort it so that it does work.


      For example I have Action Rule set up that once a field says completed it will email a group of people: rod@company, jane@company, freddie@company

      which are all in the "Recipients" field when "Send E-Mail" is set.

      Rod wants to know that the email also went to Jane & Freddie as they were not included in his and so he thinks they didn't get it and therefore forwards his email onto both Jane & Freddie.

      Can I have it set so they all see each others names so there is no confusion?