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    Adding nodes using sdk orion-python


      Hi, I tried sample script to add node in solarwinds using sdk orion python. When you save it from solarwinds database manager (table - "nodedata"), it was not

      completely save. There is an interval of 40 minutes for it completely saved. And I noticed that there are no plus button for interfaces in my  added node. Please help me. Thank you!




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          You can combine the "add_node.py" and "discover_and_add_interfaces.py" scripts in orionsdk-python sample scripts to add a node in NPM and also add interfaces that belong to this node. You'll have to modify these two lines in the code to specify nodeid instead of the default value in the sample script.

              results = swis.invoke('Orion.NPM.Interfaces', 'DiscoverInterfacesOnNode', nodeid)

              results2 = swis.invoke(







          You'll also have to assign the correct pollers to get CPU and other statistics from the device that is added.