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    Daily Alert timing


      Is there a way to change the time a daily alert runs? I have a daily alert set up and would like it to run at a specific time of day. I don't want it ran continueously because I don't need to be alerted more than once per day.


      Detail: I have a SQL job that runs daily. If this job does not complete by 6:30 am every day, I would like an alert to be generated.

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          This is currently a feature request for the DPA product. The only way I know to do it is to actually create it at the time you want it to run. The 24 hour clock starts then, so it will run at that same time every day. Not ideal if you want it to run at 2 AM granted...

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            If you edit the alert (add a comment or whatever) and save it again, it resets the run time to restart from the save time. There is some couple of minutes of lag time between the edit, and the repository tables being updated so it is not precise.


            If you're feeling brave, have a look at the repository tables con_alert (id, frequency for the alert) and con_alert_db (alertid and lastrun columns).


            I suspect the lastrun column may be used to determine the next run time based on the frequency column (minutes) in con_alert. (test edit as above changes the lastrun time)

            If you were to, say, manually update the lastrun value to be at a date with the time set to 06:30  then it may just magically run at that time.


            This is just an educated guess, not recommended by SW, update tables at your own risk, YMMV, YOLO, etc etc