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    Enabling SSL Certificate Verification for the SDK


      So the hard coding of SSL Certificate Verification to False within orionsdk-python (and the associated run time warnings) was getting to me, so I did a GitHub Pull request (here) to enable passing down a value for verify. With this patch applied you can now do:


      import orionsdk
      swis = orionsdk.SwisClient("SolarWinds-Orion", "username", "password", verify="server.pem")
      swis.query("SELECT NodeID from Orion.Nodes")


      And have it reject invalid SSL Cert,


      However it turns out it's not that much use as the server (tested against NPM 12.0RC1) has a very long (until 2040) self-signed cert with a CN of SolarWinds-Orion. It looks very much like each poller in a Orion platform has same cert.


      So has anyone tried to secure Orion when using the SDK? There is a number of issues to over come above the inability to enable verification. And I'm thinking the response via support will be not possible/supported...?