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      Hi all

      1.I am trying to make a report which will also show me either node or group downtime. I cant achieve this. for nodes downtime it doesn't let me choose the range(Start time and end time).

      2. How do I make a report which will show me things like overall group average availability. like if a  group has 10 objects, and then one object goes down for a period of time, it must affect the overall group availability.  it seems like I can only see either worst or best status(100% or 0%).

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          A couple elements at play here.  Assuming you are looking at the same reports I am then the node availability reports won't let you use the web UI to adjust the range because they are from the legacy Report Writer application on the server.  If you load that application up on the orion server you can customize the time frames. 


          In terms of group availability the stat you are looking at in Orion is the status of the group as a collective unit, and this doesnt factor in any of the availabilities of the individual objects in the group.  You are correct that it is always either 0 or 100.  In cases like this I have always used custom sql to make a report that takes the availability stats from the individual nodes tables and aggregates them based on being inside a specific group (or more preferably based on custom properties because groups/containers are rarely the most efficient way to get things done in Orion).  I don't have an example of the sql to make this happen handy right now but I'll try to remember to dig one up when I get some more time.


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