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    Node Tabular Universal Device Poller


      I'm trying to create an alert from a Node Tabular Udp for DMVPN tunnel Up or Down


      The poller gets the IP address of the remote peers



      cikeTunRemoteAddr - Label          cikeTunRemoteAddr





      The two important value to look for are and all other tunnel address polled are not really important since they are Dynamic


      I want to know when is down so I created the following alert triggered condition


      The actual trigger condition:
      All child conditions must be satisfied (AND)
        Custom Table Poller Current Status - Current Value - does not contain -
        Custom Table Poller Current Status - Current Value - contains -


      My poller table says that the two value are present so the condition should not triggered since it contains

      But the alert says it will triggered immediately and does trigger? Why


      What is wrong is there something I don't see.


      By the way, I just started using Solarwinds :-)



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          The way the logic works on table pollers is that it evaluates each row of the poller table separately, so the rule you have there would alert any time is in any table poller at all.  It doesn't check the whole table for those two values as a set.  You could probably get away with specifying the rowid that currently holds and if that rowid is not then trigger the alert.  I don't know on that particular poller if the rowid would change to something else the next time the tunnel came up though, probably would want to do some experimenting to be sure of how it behaved.


          -Marc Netterfield

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              Hi Marc


              Thanks for the enlightenment about table pollers logics, The multiple test I did with the alert conditions directed me to see this behavior but since I do not have much experiences with Solarwinds I though that I did not do the right thing.


              I know about the RowID and did the test, unfortunately it change every time the tunnel go down/up, so this is not a possible scenario for alert.


              I will have to look at some other OID's or will try to do it with the routing neighbors.


              Or if anybody out there have another solution please let me know