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    SFTP/SCP server versions and both stop in mid file transfer.  What's the fix?


      I'm moving 500 MB files a few at a time from two PC's (running SFTP/SCP server) and 50 Cisco chassis switches.  The file transfer servers shut off in mid stream randomly.


      One of the servers was downloaded as a stand alone free tool, the other came with the Engineer's Toolset.


      Ideally the servers would be multi-threaded, allowing six or more simultaneous download streams, but I've backed my work off to just one stream per server, and I'm still getting only about 60% success rates at completing file transfers.  When I check the status of the server after seeing a switch report the transfer failed, I see the SCP Service Status has changed to "Stopped."


      I'll restart the service, then restart the SCP download, only to find the service has stopped again.


      What's the fix for this?