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    WHD Assets/Discovery Engine


      I am giving the discovery engine one more chance before pulling the plug (possibly on WHD all together), and I was hoping that somebody has some suggestions on which attributes to protect (Do not overwrite . . . .) so that I can get an accurate asset inventory. 


      I guess my first question is: does anybody know what WHD uses to match discovered assets with existing assets?  My assumption is the IP due to the behavior described below, but looking at the db, it looks like only the ID (pk) is static, and that is just internally assigned.  


      When I originally had this configured, I just let it run wide open without "Do Not overwrite existing value" being checked on any attribute.  This resulted in duplicate assets and other existing assets that were originally in the db "disappearing" ( overwritten).  This behavior seemed to occur every time that an IP address was being used by a different machine than the asset stored in the db, but that is just a guess.  I tried a few combinations of attributes with "Do not overwrite" turned on, and though it prevents some of the overwrite issues, short of marking all collected attributes as "Do not overwrite" you still see the incorrect asset being updated (thus an inaccurate/incomplete inventory).    


      One other issue that I noticed when looking at the db is that when you delete an asset (I tried this to see if it would pull the information in correctly after a scan), it does not actually delete the record, it just marks it as deleted.  So, when I re-scanned it, the original record was just reactivated, with the original incorrect information (that had been marked as do not overwrite).


      I know that there was a survey out there a while back asking about what is used, and a little bashing on spiceworks, but it's asset management system is far more reliable in my opinion.