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    Admin password change


      I have added Alert Central as an external website on my Orion server and it says that my admin password is still blank and that I should change it using the Users tab.  I can just type admin with a blank password and it lets me in.  The problem is that I have already changed the admin password in the Alert Central console and I have verified that it in fact has been changed.  I can't login to the console using a blank password.  I am an administrator but I am unable to change the admin password using the Users tab.  Is there a syncing issue between Alert Central and Orion?  Should the password be changed first and then add it as an External site in Orion?  My version is


      I just tried removing AC from Orion and adding it back.  The problem still exists.




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          Login as root and change the password: passwd admin


          If you don't have the root password, reboot, press any key at the appropriate time; press 'A' to append to the boot line, add 'single' at the end, change root password and reboot.

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