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    Kiwicat3.10 - Unable to write to file during running activities item


      Hi all,


      We just purchased new Kiwicat 3.10 and install on new server 2008 R2. Then imported devices/activities/db from old Kiwicat - from decommission server

      When i run "Report.Version Table" or "Device.backup.Running config", it failed with infor log message below


      1. Mail Error: I can get message from Kiwicat sends to my mailbox, but i would expect where correct ? and what address should i enter ?


      2. Something must be related to permission, i tried to adjust ACL  of "Cattool3" folder , full control for current users, trustedInstaller...but still get the same message .


      any idea to fix it ?


      Thanks very much

      !Kiwicat BryanBeckertcount