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    NTA 4.1.2 Backups failing...


      The link says:


      To define or change the location for saving your backups:

      1. Log on to the server hosting your main poller.
      2. Start the NTA Flow Storage Configurator in the SolarWinds Orion > NetFlow Traffic Analyzer folder.
      3. Define the location for saving backups:
        • Type the absolute path to the backup folder into the Please enter a folder path for saving the NTA Flow Storage Backups field, or
        • Click Browse and select an appropriate folder.Note: Make sure that backups are stored in a different folder than the NTA Flow Storage Database.
      4. Click OK to save your settings.


      There is no NTA Flow Storage Configurator in there at all!  What do I do???  All I have is NetFlow Traffic Analyzer License and NetFlow Web Console links???