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    Help needed with approval process


      I would like to do a one step approval, but need a little help.

      I was under the impression that a user could create a ticket and it would go to the approver to be approved but during this time it would not be in the techs que. However I cant seem to figure out how to do this.

      Also is there a way to change what the buttons say or which ones show up? Currently this is what I have but would like to only show the top 2 buttons and update the labels on them.




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          Once the user creates a ticket that is assigned to have an approval process with it must get assigned to a tech, that tech does not have to be the approver. The approver either needs to use the email that you show or log into the CLIENT side of the interface to see their approvals. If the approver is a tech you need to ensure the client login is setup in their profile and that they know to click the small person in the upper right corner of the screen the jump between the sides.

          There is an existing enhancement request to enable techs that are also approvers to see those from the tech side (Ticket Approval from Technician Interface )



          There is currently not a way to disable, or change the buttons. Please see this existing enhancement request (Ability to disable NO button on a per approval process basis)