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    Linked Custom Properties?


      Hello all,  I am continuing to work on the setup of our Solarwinds system for network monitoring.  I am trying to figure out the best way to group routers and switches by location.  In what I've found, it seems like custom properties is the way to go, instead of using the standard groups.  So here is my question...


      There are several custom properties that are site related:










      Is there a way to link these together?


      i.e.  I assign a node to the CustomerID custom property of say "ABC".  SW would then also assign the correct values for these custom properties to that node:

      CustomerID - ABC

      CustomerName - ABC Hospital

      Building - ABC Main Building

      Address - 123 N Main St

      City - Hometown

      State - WI

      ZipCode - 12345

      TelephoneNumber - 999-555-1234


      I really don't see a way to do this.  Is this possible?  Are there tricks to use to accomplish the same thing?

      Thanks again for your help Thwack Community!


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          rhrohde No, these cascading drop downs are not currently possible with the native SolarWinds setup. There are, however, a few feature requests for this functionality, and I will see about posting links to them here if I have some time later. Having said that, I am sure you could put something together using alerts. (I know it may sound like an odd solution, but I assure you, it does work... as I do this to solve a similar issue.)


          Again, depending on the level of detail, or number of different variations, this may be more trouble than it is worth. However, there are probably other users that can offer more efficient answers...


          I have used advanced alerts to modify custom properties for a while now. My example might be too simple for what you are looking to accomplish, but I will go ahead and post it here anyway.


          Create an advanced alert that triggers on the custom property you want to fill out, based on a set of other cp fields, for each different variation.

          Using your example from above:


          IF Custom Property "CustomerID" = "ABC"



          Set Custom Property "CustomerName" = "ABC Hospital"

          Set Custom Property "Building" = "ABC Main Building"

          Set Custom Property "Address" = "123 N Main St"

          Set Custom Property "City" = "Hometown"

          Set Custom Property "State" = "WI"

          Set Custom Property "ZipCode" = "12345"

          Set Custom Property "TelephoneNumber" = "999-555-1234"


          This currently works for me, as I have a very limited number of variations, it there are only a small number of different advanced alerts I created.


          Alternatively, you could use a custom trigger in your SolarWinds db, depending of course on your comfort level doing so. I believe alexslv has done something similar with custom properties, for use with a location/map modification.

          Automatically Update World Map Points Based On Custom Property Value


          There are definitely more ways than one, to work-around this problem. I find that daily browsing of other users' content is a good way to grow my ideas. Perhaps you can find something useful by visiting one of CourtesyIT's many lists.

          How to do various customizations with your Solarwinds

          Welcome to Solarwinds...........


          I hope this helps you.


          Thank you,



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              Will,thanks, that idea will work for me.  I have about 40 locations so it is manageable to create an alert for each and run it once a day.  That way, any new stuff that gets added will be automatically updated.


              One more question...  How do I automatically acknowledge all of the alerts that this generates?  I don't see anything in the alert setup that jumps out at me to do that.  I tried reset after time out, but that didn't do it.


              Thanks again for your help!



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                  rhrohde Actually, as long as your alert is enabled, it should change the properties automatically, anytime a device qualifies on the configured custom property. You should not really need to run anything once the alert is built and enabled.


                  Thank you,



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                      Will, so right now, I have my alerts set to check daily (M-F) at 3pm.  Should I remove that?


                      Here are pertinent settings:

                      Evaluation Frequency - every 24 hours

                      Severity - informational

                      Reset Condition - reset this alert auto after 30 minutes.

                      Time of Day - Specify time of day schedule for this alert - 3pm-330pm

                      Trigger Actions - set custom props as you stated above.

                      Reset Actions - NONE


                      LMK any recommended changes...

                      Thanks again,

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                          rhrohde I would remove it, as your goal would be to always have these fire off whenever one of the properties exists.

                          I would remove the eval frequency, and time of day.

                          I would also remove that reset condition, and use the "Create a special reset condition for this alert" reset condition instead.

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                        rhrohde Hmm... I am not sure why the reset timer does not work. Maybe try the "Create a special reset condition for this alert" and set it to check for Custom Property "CustomerName" = "ABC Hospital"... or something like that. It seems odd that the reset function does not actually reset your alert.

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                      I built another test alert, and it does reset/clear for me.

                      Here is what I did.


                      First, I created a some test properties to reflect your example. To allow for better visibility during the test, I set the property of the "Customer ID" field, to "ABC", the same as your example.





                      Next, I setup the trigger condition to use a dynamically selected scope of devices. (This is not actually required, however, again, I am doing it this way to allow for better visibility during the test)



                      I set my scope to only look for the "ABC" Customer ID.



                      Finally, I verify my scope finds the test device, which is already configured with a Customer ID.






                      After I have my scope setup, I configured the actual trigger condition.

                      The reason I chose to use "OR", instead of "AND", is just a failsafe, to make sure we do not miss any devices, as NULLS are registered differently than blanks.





                      Now that my trigger is properly configured, I move on to the Reset Condition. Fortunately, the default/recommended action should work for this.



                      The "Time Of Day" options should also remain with the default settings, as we always want this alert to be working for us.




                      Now, the trigger action is where the alert is going to automagically change our other custom properties.

                      You should add a trigger action for each property you want to change.




                      Once again, the reset part of this does not need any actions. However, you could always add an email action here, to notify you the changes have been made.




                      The alert should now be configured, and the summary page should show that the alert would be triggered on 1 object (our test node).

                      Go ahead and click submit to save your alert.





                      Having submitted the alert, it should have ran and made the changes you configured in the "Trigger Actions" section. Navigate to your test node and verify the properties have been filled in.





                      In the end, after submitting the newly created alert, and verifying the custom properties have been filled in by the alert, we can see that our alert is no longer active.



                      After a few moments, the alert should disappear, and no longer be shown in the "All Active Alerts" view.




                      Try some of the changes above, and let me know if your alert is still failing to reset.



                      Thank you,