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    Organizing interface traffic graphs on a view without manually adding each interface.


      I know this question has been asked several times and I have even talked to support about this to no avail.  What I would like to do is create some random view page.  I am interested in seeing individual graphs for traffic usage on relevant interfaces.  The interfaces may will be spread across several nodes.  The interfaces will share a common custom property to tag them as relevant to this view.  What I really want is to be able to run a query for these custom properties and hit on a match.  If it has a match , then create a unique chart for interface utilization for each matching interface.  Then sort them by criteria (perhaps as simple as a second custom property that has a numerical value.  All I have found so far will throw all matches into one graph.  I want to generate a new graph for each interface displayed down the page.  I would like to be able to add interfaces to the grouping by merely adding a custom property to them.  I want the view to dynamically grow as relevant interfaces are added.  The graph care about is the average bps graph




      Has anyone out there in the land of thwackers done something like this.  If so will you please share your talents with me.