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    bulk convert virtual machines to WMI from external nodes


      Hello all


      We currently use Network Performance Manager mostly for networking and keeping an eye on our VMware hosts. We would like to expand this since we have the licensing to monitor the CPU/Memory/Disk of our windows virtual machines. Is there any way to bulk convert all the external nodes under our currently monitored VMware hosts to being polled via WMI (monitored via vCenter, not SSH)? I can click each VM, edit the node, and switch to Polling Method WMI, but that would take forever (300+ VMs).

      • I know the proper way to monitor all this is APM or Virtualization Manager, but We don't have the budget this year to do that.
      • SNMP is not enabled nor configured on these, so we prefer WMI
      • I could edit all the external nodes in node manager, but it times out switching polling methods after checking only 4.