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    AppData Path on Windows 7 Clients


      Hi all,

      Im having difficulty getting an Applicability Rule to work. Some context:


      If i have a file here:


      C:\Users\UserA\AppData\Roaming\\Application Name\File.txt and i want to use this file to define if this update should go onto a device.


      Im using a Basic Rule\File Exists:



      Am i using the correct "Common Path" COMMON_APPDATA? If so am i correct in adding that parth "Roaming\Application Name\File.txt"


      Currently the update fails to download saying its not applicable.

      Should i select "None" for the Common Path and then type the full path in the path e.g "C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Roaming\Application Name\File.txt"


      Any advise would be appreciated.



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          I don't believe there is a variable that would direct to the path you are looking for. COMMON_APPDATA refers to C:\ProgramData which is the shared appdata directory. Patch Manager packages run as SYSTEM and would not know which user's directory to check for the file in question. I would recommend you try and find something in a non user specific directory or registry hive to check for.

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              Thanks for the reply, i did explore that avenue but the application only puts stuff in that directory and the only hive that is touched in the registry is HKCU. So it looks as though PM is not going to be able to do the trick on this one, will have to resort to GPO.


              The vendors PDF even details what files and registry changes are involved and ther eis nothign outside of the profile or HKCU.