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    Anyone else gets continually badgered by Solarwinds sales on upsells?


      The Solarwinds NPM and NTA products themselves and their tech support  have performed well the past two years but their account management has been absolutely horrendous.  Never worked with a vendor that continually badgers you on products so aggressively.  This experience leaves a very bad taste to my mouth.  There are a lot of NPM competitors out there.  Solarwinds really shouldn't be pushing their customers away unless they like to lose money.

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          Yes.  I budget for Solarwinds licenses & pollers & apps, etc. once a year.  I spend all that money at once. Then I keep getting quarterly or bi-annual or monthly notifications of incentive discounts for those same kinds of products, which I cannot take advantage of.


          I've requested our VAR stop this practice.  We can't take advantage of them, and they leave us feeling abused and possibly cheated by paying higher fees for the products.


          My requests fall on deaf ears.


          Perhaps better would be if the reseller contacted me to say "I have a discounted price for products A, B, and C to offer you.  I know you already own them, so I'll refund you the difference between the higher price you paid, and the discounted price I can offer today.


          Yes, I dream . . .

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