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    NTA cannot receive sflow from Fortigate v5.0 build 3608




      My fortigate 800C has version 5.0 build 3608 NTA version 4.1.

      I configured to push flows from WAN interface of firewall to Solarwind, but in NTA it show up "never receive flow" I install wireshark to monitor the NIC in Server and I can see the flows from Fortigate. Other netflow sources are OK. See below configuration.


      1st config interface - it sent sflow in solarwinds

      2nd config interface - has a problem


      PLEASE ADVISE. Thank you.

        • Re: NTA cannot receive sflow from Fortigate v5.0 build 3608
          Craig Norborg

          Seeing any unknown sources of Netflow traffic?    Try setting the source-ip of the sflow collector to be the same IP you manage your Fortinet with in NPM.


          That being said, I opened a ticket once on traffic discrepancies on a Fortinet with Sflow.   They wrote it off saying that basically netflow support was limited on anything that doesn't have the NP6 processor, which is most of their product line.  I believe this device has the CP8.