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    End Customer NOC View


      Hello all,


      I have been tasked with implementing Solarwinds NPM, IPAM, and  Netflow for a customer of ours. I have implemented SolarWinds NPM, IPAM, and Netflow for a CLEC based in the NW, but this company is nation-wide and includes satellite teleport. I'm sure I will have more questions in the coming week but the first one I would like to address is this. The customer I am working with is interested in setting up a NOC view for their end customers. Each NOC view would be customized to only show the nodes related to the specific customer viewing them. Can I achieve this goal using the modules the customer currently has? What steps do I need to take achieve this final goal?

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          Yes, this is possible. I am currently running three NOC views:

          what you have to do is that go to settings in NPM portal-->Created NOC views and then create as many NOC views that you want.


          Hope this helps.



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              Thank you for your input. I have some follow up questions.


              1. Lets say the customer has about 5-6 nodes each that they need to monitor and see alerts for, how would you accomplish that in the NOC screen setup?


              2. Will the Solar Winds admin be able to give NOC views to end customers without giving them access to the admin account?