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    APC-UPS battery utilization and APC-UPS name list on main screen


      hi everyone . i want to show the list of all installed APC-UPS devices on main screen with PERCENTAGE BATTERY UTILIZATION Like this






                                         battery       100


      and same for voltage


      plz answer   thnx

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          Depending on how busy your main view is and how many UPS you have monitored  I would recommend a new view, or at least a new tab for these resources. You shouldn't need to apply a view limitation so a tab should work fine.


          1. With or without the new view you will have to customize the page and add the resources you want.
          2. After click add resource search for "poller" and add the Universal Device Poller Summary Status (or maybe Universal Device Poller Top XX if you want to see possible issues faster) to your view.
          3. Click Preview at the bottom and then edit the resource you added.
          4. This is where you will assign the poller and give the resource a sensible name. If you don't set a name the resource will be named the same as the poller and those aren't fun to show management.
          5. Repeat for any other pollers you want.


          Please keep in mind that the more you add to your view the slower you page will load. And since you want to do this to your summary view it will affect you every time you open SolarWinds. I am personally a huge fan of smartly separating resources to new views. In this case I might put the Top XX resource on the Summary page and then the full list on a UPS View/tab.

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