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    task category - event details


      Where do i see the task category in event details in LEM?

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          So I'm assuming you're talking about this thing:

          2016-05-12 09_49_03-Event Viewer.png

          First off, taking a "random sample" from my System, Application and Security logs, most events seem to have this set to "None," so what are you hoping to get from this field?


          The one exception to "Almost everything is none" that I saw was the Security Logs.  For many of those, though, it looks like this:


          2016-05-12 09_52_48-Event Viewer.png


          In LEM, if I look for this same event:

          2016-05-12 09_58_23-SolarWinds Log & Event Manager.png

          So the "Event Name" in this case is pretty close to the Task Category.  It's pretty clear that the "Process Creation" task and this event in LEM are related, so I'm not sure what having that field normalized would add to the event.


          What's the ask here?

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            Which windows log?  Do you have an Event Idea?  What application is generating that event?  Can you include a screenshot of the event from the Windows Event Viewer?