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    Multiple Joins Cause Incorrect Report Calculations


      I have a report that counts the number of physical CPU's in a server.  Its a simple report that does a join between the Nodes table and the AssetInventory_Processor table on NodeID then does a count on AssetInventory_Processor.NodeID.  Now I want to add Volume information to this report but as soon as I add another  join to Volumes.NodeID the CPU Count incorrectly jumps up.  I understand why this is happening but I don't know how to get around it. I tried using table and column aliases but that didn't work, although given that this was my  first try at using aliases it may  have been user error.  Below  is the simple SQL for the working report and I'm looking to add access to the Volumes table.  Thanks in advance



      Nodes.NodeID AS NodeID, Nodes.Caption AS Node_Name, COUNT(AssetInventory_Processor.NodeID) AS ProcID,  SUM(AssetInventory_Processor.NumberofCores) AS TotalCores


      FROM  Nodes  Inner Join AssetInventory_Processor  ON (Nodes.nodeid=AssetInventory_Processor.nodeid)



        ((Nodes.Function1 = 'Server' ) AND  (nodes.Function2 != 'Virtual Host') AND (Nodes.function3 != 'Guest'))


      Group By Nodes.NodeID, Nodes.Caption,  AssetInventory_Processor.NumberofCores, AssetInventory_Processor.NodeID


      ORDER BY 2 ASC