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    Local server requirements for remote NTA Storage?


      For the Installing NTA (ServerA) and Remote NTA (Server B) Flow Storage Database topology option, do I need to install anything other than the remote (Server B) NTA storage option? I have connected the remote (Server B to storage to the Orion SQL instance being used by NPM (ServerA). I have data int my NTA page on my Orion site (Server A). However I question that it is specifically my new remote NTA storage server that is providing it. Here is why:


      Under settings-NTA Settings- Netflow Collector Services

      Then I see this:



      Shouldn't I see the remote storage server (server B) listed under NEtflow Collector Services? How Can I verify that it is pulling data specifically from the remote storage server (Server B)? Does only having NTA Remote Storage (Server B) installed count as an Orion poller?


      Server A- has Orion NPM- Installed NTA with remote storage option, specified server

      Server B- Installed windows server - installed NTA  remote Storage- pointed to db | is NOT added to NPM as a node, no additional software has been installed-Orion or otherwise.



      Thank you for taking the time to review my amateur attempt at getting this thing going and helping to clarify 'Solarwinds speak'.