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    Basic Alerts stopped working after NPM upgrade


      Upgraded my NPM from 11.0.1 to 11.5.3 and my basic alerts stopped working.

      When I try to enter basic alerts on the server I receive this message "New alerting is enabled. Please refer to proper page in Web Console".

      I see my basic alerts in the web console and they "appear" to be correct and enabled.


      Before I open a ticket just wondering if there is something I am missing to do here.....

        • Re: Basic Alerts stopped working after NPM upgrade

          What the message is not so directly telling you is that you no longer actually have "basic" alerts (or for that matter "advanced" alerts). All alerts now use the web-based tool, Manage Alerts. You should also have seen a message in the web console informing you that your alerts have been migrated to the new format. Chances are that your former basic alerts were converted to this new format, though you may also have had some fail to migrate successfully. I would suggest that you check your alerts to make sure they still function correctly. You may have to re-build some of them. In any event, ther is now only one kind of alert - the web-based. Hope this helps.