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    Runaway runtime.log for IPMonitor


      Any ideas what would cause runtime.log to grow exponentially? When I view it through IPMonitor or a text editor, it is the same 77 lines of text.... However, the file size continues to grow at an alarming rate.

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          Still hoping Fodome (Chris Foley) is around on this forum somewhere.


          Went through steps for a fresh ipMonitor install and imported our configuration back into it. Still the same behavior on the runtime.log.


          SolarWinds overseas support is escalating my case over to Dev now.

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              Hi Brachus,


              Looking at the log, it seems that most of the file is composed of spaces.  Despite the fact that I have supported ipMonitor since it's early beginnings, I have never seen this behavior.  Having that said, I think dev is a good place for your case. However, I do have 2 questions:


              1. What do you see if you run ipMonitor in desktop mode?


              a. Stop the ipMonitorSrv service.

              b. Open a CMD window as the account assigned to ipMonitorSrv service.

              c. Go to the \ipmonitor\ directory.

              d. Type "ipmservice.exe -desktop"


              2. Does this issue persist if you disable the delay engine under "Configuration -> System Settings" and restart the ipMonitorSrv service?


              Let me know.


              Thank you.


              Chris Foley