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      I wants to know about, how can we use API (SDK) where we can get outputs (ex. cpu. mem) for particular parameter.

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          Steven Klassen

          Hey there sandipc - a few things:


          1. The API is available (REST and SOAP) for any language you already want to write in.
          2. If you're using PowerShell there's a handy SDK that you can download and install.
          3. In either case you're going to want to learn SWQL (SolarWinds Query Language) to pull information out of the system.
          4. Learning SWQL is greatly helped by using the SWQL Studio utility (included in the SDK).


          So, with grab the latest release of the SDK (v2.1.3 as of this writing) and install it. That'll give you the SwisSnapin PowerShell snap-in (examples on using it can be found here). Then open up the SWQL Studio utility and connect to your SolarWinds server using either an AD account or a local user (there are different connection settings to choose from). Use v3 for most things. There *might* still be some NCM stuff in v2 but don't quote me.


          Then, check out this thread for some cool SWQL examples. Also check out the wiki for functions and to learn more about how similar SWQL is to SQL.


          Once you've had at that come on back and we'll help you move on from there!